A 52-minute contemporary dance performance

Murmuro, plays with words and their meanings. I use the meaning of Murmur, but I also take the word Mûr in French. It symbolizes something that is well ripe, it can be a fruit, an idea or a person.

I also use the French word Mur which means wall. When you flirt with the spelling in the middle of the word, you read wall in French and in Spanish. The wall gives me the image of containment, of a border.

Even in that confined area, the movement continues to grow and can become a spiral, like a kind of effervescence of the human being that has no limits. Sometimes people get lost when they are in completely open spaces. In closed spaces the energy is more contained, from these sensations surprising ideas and movements can emerge.

Rosario is an exceptional teacher, dancer, painter, writer and choreographer. Her stay in Cuba has been very important. MurMuro, in a way, has to do with the transmission of knowledge from one person to another, the transfer of knowledge, ideas, culture.

  • Company: Rosario Cardenas and Momentos
  • Choreographer: Nelson Reguera
  • Music: Norman Levy
  • Photographer: Andrés Castellanos
  • Dancers: Rosario Cárdenas, Yaíma Santana, Yaddiel Espinosa, Yariel Espinosa, Thais Doimeadiós, Gabriela Caraballo, Osbiel Lazo, Gabriel Martínez, Caridad Romero, Yordanis Forbes, Esthefany Brunet, Dayler Álvarez

Andrés Castellanos