A 45 min contemporary dance performance by seven cuban dancers.

The dancers move on a refined scenographic space, where only a table throne, like an island, an altar dedicated to the exploration of desire. Three white vertical walls symbolises the obstacle that sometimes hinders or prevents to achieve the realisation of the desire. Or the place to hide or revel the desire. The choreography of DESEO explores through each of the nine dancers, their personal interpretations of their desires.

  • Company: Danza del Alma and Momentos
  • Choreographer: Nelson Reguera
  • Music: Norman Levy
  • Assitant Choreographer: Emeric Rabot
  • Dancers: Laura Garcia, Gabriela Caraballo, Yaddiel Espinosa Carvajal, Yariel Espinosa Carvajal, Osbiel Lazo Soto, Harold Ramírez Machado, Miguel Angel Loro Jiménez,